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Remanufactured HP 49 51649A Color Ink Cartridge

Our ink cartridges and toners cartridges are high quality original products including compatible too. You can replace it without any problem.
These high quality ink cartridges and toners cartridges provides you the best printing experience and we ensure that all the products meets all of our customers satisfaction.
We provide the cheap price of ink cartridges and toners cartridges. We ship on the same day order received to anywhere in Canada and guaranteed the safest and fastest shipping.

Compatible Printer List

HP – Other Series
Apollo P-2100U
Apollo P-2200
Apollo P-2300U
Apollo P-2500
Apollo P-2600
HP – DeskJet Series
DeskJet 350
DeskJet 350c
DeskJet 350c-cbi
DeskJet 600
DeskJet 600c
DeskJet 610
DeskJet 610c
DeskJet 610cl
DeskJet 612
DeskJet 612c
DeskJet 630
DeskJet 630c
DeskJet 632
DeskJet 632c
DeskJet 640
DeskJet 640c
DeskJet 642
DeskJet 642c
DeskJet 648
DeskJet 648c
DeskJet 650c
DeskJet 656
DeskJet 656c
DeskJet 656cvr
DeskJet 660
DeskJet 660c
DeskJet 660cse
DeskJet 670
DeskJet 670c
DeskJet 670tv
DeskJet 672
DeskJet 672c
DeskJet 680
DeskJet 680c
DeskJet 682
DeskJet 682c
DeskJet 690
DeskJet 690c
DeskJet 692
DeskJet 692c
DeskJet 693
DeskJet 693c
DeskJet 694
DeskJet 694c
DeskJet 695
DeskJet 695c
DeskJet 695cci
DeskJet 697
DeskJet 697c
HP – DeskWriter Series
DeskWriter 600
DeskWriter 600C
DeskWriter 600cse
DeskWriter 660
DeskWriter 660c
DeskWriter 672
DeskWriter 672C
DeskWriter 680
DeskWriter 680c
DeskWriter 682
DeskWriter 682c
DeskWriter 693
DeskWriter 693c
DeskWriter 694
DeskWriter 694c
HP – OfficeJet Series
OfficeJet 500
OfficeJet 520
OfficeJet 570
OfficeJet 580
OfficeJet 590
OfficeJet 600
OfficeJet 610
OfficeJet 630
OfficeJet 635
OfficeJet 700
OfficeJet 710
OfficeJet 720
OfficeJet 725
HP – PSC Series
PSC 300
PSC 370
PSC 380


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Remanufactured HP 49 51649A Color Ink Cartridge
Remanufactured HP 49 51649A Color Ink Cartridge


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